Private Events

Looking to host a party? Something off the beaten path? Try W.I.N.O.!


To have the back room reserved, you must spend a minimum of $400 Sunday to Thursday, $1500 Friday & Saturday. This includes food, taps, beer, wine bottles, etc.
Food- We have an a la carte cheese and dips menu, however for a party we offer  large party platters. One platter is $65.00 and feds between 10-15 people. This includes:
6 assorted cheeses
with fresh baguette and crackers (we have gluten free too)
We hold private parties in the back room where we have 5 machines and 40 wines on tap. You are certainly welcome to taste from the front room.
For the wine tasting machines:
-We can have ready for your party pre-loaded tasting cards or i.e. $25 cards (or open tab) so each guest can hold their own.
-Have one master tasting card that everyone shares with i.e. $200 or so on it (or open tab)
-Have 5 loaded cards situated in each machine in the back room that stays put (whatever amount)
-We also offer bottle service, you can pick out anything you’d like.
We do all payments at the end.
We have 20% gratuity 
Call or Email us to book your event!